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  • what are your hours and where are you located?

Monday - Saturday noon-8pm and Sunday noon- 6pm, by appointment only. click here for location.



  • what are your prices?

100 - 250 an hour and prices vary by artist. the final cost of a tattoo is estimated by anticipating how much time is involved with the project.  factors for estimating your tattoo include:  size, color, detail, location on the body, and participation of the client.



  • how do i make an appointment?

please contact your artist directly via email or in person to discuss your ideas and to estimate the amount of time to schedule. then, contact the studio to leave a deposit. a deposit must be made before an appointment can be generated.  you can do this in person or over the phone using a credit card.  cost of a deposit varies depending on artist.  once a deposit is made, the receptionist on staff will schedule an appointment for you.   



  • does the deposit go toward the cost of the tattoo?

most of the time it does.  if the tattoo design requires a great deal of drawing, design or preparation, then some or all of the deposit will go toward these efforts.  for any type of reproduction tattoo that does not require additional preparation, all of the deposit goes toward the tattoo.  please check with your artist before leaving a deposit.


  • are deposits refundable?

unfortunately, they are not.  please schedule responsibly.  check with your artist and make sure your appointment terms and date are agreeable before a deposit is made.

  • are you licensed?

absolutely.  NMTS is licensed by the Wayne County Health Department and the State of Michigan. 



  • ​do you use new needles and equipment?

absolutely.  NMTS is a completely disposable tattoo studio, meaning everything that is used is disposed of after each client.



  •  what if i am taking medication?


please consult your doctor to make sure your medication complies with tattooing. anyone taking blood thinners and antibiotics should not get tattooed.



  • how do i take care of a my new tattoo?

instructions and opinions for tattoo aftercare vary from artist to artist.  click here for NMTS tattoo care instructions.

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