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 Aura Dalian 

Aura, after being with us for 2 years, has yet to write a bio.  It is up to me then, to tell you her story.  It is all true.

Aura grew up in Lithuania in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster.  The unfortunate nuclear melt down forced her to flee to the forest and live off the land.  It was here that she met Bob and Jinny, two arctic Yetis that taught Aura to stay warm, dance the yeti dance, and hunt for her diet of raw rabbit meat.  It is a diet she continues to this day, and what she calls, “fresh, organic, free-range bunny”.  Yeti dancing soon gave way to River dancing, so Aura headed to Ireland…. To River dance.  As we all know, River dancing came and went, so Aura needed to find another creative outlet….. Tattooing.

Aura excels at watercolor and trash polka style tattooing.  She is happily married and resides in the metro Detroit area along with her two huskies.

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