Tiffany Pitsos 

Tiffany, after being with us for 2 years, has yet to write a bio.  It is up to me then, to tell you her story.  It is all true.

If Tiffany were a vampire, an apple would be her crucifix, a carrot her garlic, and soybean oil her holy water.  In fact, Tiffany is allergic to just about everything.  This is due to a plethora of alien experimentations that occurred during her multiple abductions in the late 80s.  Her abducting aliens told Tiffany that they came from Cygnus X-1 and were elders, here to assume control of the solar federation and to restore balance.  They lied!  But it was too late, their experiments resulted in a terrifying stream of allergies and the growth of small antennae which she keeps hidden.  To ease her post traumatic alien abduction disorder, Tiffany regularly searches the beach sands for baby shark teeth.  And even though she primarily searches the beaches of small inland lakes, she does seem to find solace in the discovery of the (purported) tiny shark teeth that she calls, “lil’ sharkies”.

Tiffany excels at all things technical, geometric and American traditional style tattooing.  She is happily married and resides in the metro Detroit area along with her lil’ sharkies.

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